My Sewing Bucket List / Pattern Stash

I wish I could already show you more of my sewing, but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to sew. I had several birthdays and occasions with gifts to prepare and a cake to bake, a short trip, cleaning the mess that I ignored while baking and short tripping, and now I am sitting at home with an upper respiratory tract infection (the internet tells me the abbreviation for this is URTI, which sounds to a German native speaker like the unbeloved Swiss aunt that is staying just a bit too long: “How is it with your aunt URTI?” – “OH she feels very well, you know, I think she will stay for another twelve cups of tea”) half of the time sleeping, the other half of the time tea drinking and netflixing (yay, finally an excuse to sign up for the free trial month!).

You know a German writes a text when there is no full stop for 7 lines!

Long story short, netflixing gets boring and I need something that is entertaining but not exhausting and so I started to think about my upcoming and want-to-sew projects and UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that are lying around here!

Wow, I am surprised how much it is! No way I am going to sew all of them or even close to all, but seeing all of the patterns in one place instead of having them on a unsorted stash might help remembering and deciding on all the patterns!

I plan going back to this list at the end of the year and recapitulate what I managed to sew up!