Tutorial: Cosmetics bag with brush roll

Do you know Deby from so-sew-easy.com? If not, open in a new tab. Pin it. Print it out and put it on your to-do-paperwork-stash. Do whatever is needed to not forget to visit this site later! Deby has a great site with a lot of patterns, tutorials and other stuff. Worth a visit!

When I had in mind to create a cosmetics bag with brush roll I was looking for a good pattern as a base and found it on Deby’s site. I constructed my bag and sent her a picture of it.

She immediately responded and asked me to create a tutorial. Challenge accepted! I worked something out and sent it over to her and she published it on her blog. She even made a video about it!

Now, that I recently started my own blog, of course I want to mention it again, so here it is: Hop over to Deby’s site to my tutorial:

or watch her make it:

Cosmetics Bag and Brush Roll