A new home for my little thread spool friends

I used to keep my thread spools in a plastic bag. That is a good idea as long as you have like two or three spools. Of course you buy more and then it isn’t a good idea any longer.

How lovely and nice! Not.

I did not find a good solution ready-to-buy, so I decided to make one. Of course I googled and pinterested but mostly I saw tutorials where the spools are in a rack on the wall. Very decorative. Very dusty after some time. Don’t like! So there was this one tutorial at blog.murmurshop.ch that I liked, that used card box and nails to create a spool box. Mostly because I did not have a ready-to-use card box I headed over to the hardware shop in search of materials to recreate something similar. And I ended up with screws and a plastic box (one of those to keep your food fresh).

Confession time: I am a bad blogger. I forgot to take a before picture of my materials. Now you have to be imaginative and use your fantasy to imagine, how screws and an empty box look like! You can do that!

I used a 2,3 liters (78 oz) Lock&Lock box with measurements of 23,2 x 16,5 x 9,5 cm, as well as 5,0 mm x 6 cm cross slot flat headed screws.

German lesson: This is another good example of a lovely German compound: “cross slot flat headed screw” translates with one single word as “Kreuzschlitzflachkopfschraube”. What a sound!

To create a nice and proper distance between the spools I put my box on my small cutting mat with a grid and estimated a good distance. I then rounded up to the next even number to make life easier. I estimated that 4 centimeters is a good distance!

I printed out a grid on a sheet of paper and taped it centered to the bottom of my box.

Lucky enough I realized that it will sort out and marked the places where I want to put my screws from the back of the paper. I took a Sharpie so ink showed through and I didn’t have to remove the paper for marking again.

And then I just grabbed my hot melt gun and glued the screws onto the bottom of the box. Easy as that! It worked like a charm. I was afraid that they won’t stay straight or something similar, but I am really pleased with the result!

Yes, I will have to buy more screws. Estimation fail in the hardware store. Uh, uh wait: I SCREWED IT UP! Muhahaha.

And now all my little friends are kept straight and clean and dust free in their new home.

No, it’s not 5 Shades of Grey, it’s black, grey, blue, green and bad lighting.