The Penny Inn

I did not exactly cover myself with glory concerning the Bag of the Month Club – I am far behind my own expectations speaking of how much pattern I sewed down. In only two months the early bird subscription for 2016 starts. And finally – finally! – I managed to sew the Penny Inn wallet! Chris W. started a sew-along in her facebook group and I jumped at the chance.

It’s a wallet design by Chris W. that I adored since it was revealed, I but also had a lot of respect. The pattern requires accuracy and patience. I promise you will be rewarded!

I added some piping at the front – and accidently in the inside also, as I added it on the wrong pattern piece first and did not want to unstitch. It turned out a bit uneven but I really like the effect!

Yep, as I said – pay attention to accurate stitching!

At the back I added my label. Here the group really was helpful as I couldn’t work out at what pattern piece I had to add it. With the help of the group it went exactly where I wanted. Thanks for that!

When you open the wallet, the front is secured with a snap.

The accidentally inserted piping looks quite good!

It is roomy, not to say, gigantic – it holds 21 cards, has 3 zipper pockets and one or two slip pockets. I can’t even decide yet where to put my stuff as I have so much options.

Hard work done, it was really challenging, but I like the pattern. I would suggest not to use too heavy weighted fabric as it gets quite bulky at some parts. My tip for a successful Penny Inn adventure is: press, press, press! And read the instructions. I know, everyone says that. They do with a reason, believe me.

Fabric used:
Camelot Fabrics – Mint Condition
No-name grey solid from the local fabric store

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Little Kraken’s Mutterpass

Here in Germany every pregnant woman gets a little booklet in which all important dates of the expecting mother and her baby are recorded. It’s called “Mutterpass”, which is literally translated with “mother’s pass”. tells me, “Mutterpass” is translated with “expectant mother’s record of prenatal and natal care” and this really doesn’t make a good blog entry title! So you have to stand the German title.

Sewing and language learning, yeah!

When one of my best friends got pregnant she asked me to sew a cover for her Mutterpass and as her little one is called “Krake” (another German word for your vocabulary book) I needed to add a little kraken’s touch.

I used the tutorial written by Miss Margerite (again German, but by this time your German should be good enough to understand every word!).

It has a little kraken on the outside that I ordered at Dawanda. It was my first time using an application and I love the little extra cuteness that it provides.

Unfortunately I do not have a Mutterpass available, so you have to imagine that it is slipped in!

In the inside there is a little pocket for her ultra sound pictures.

I hope she likes it!

Fabric used:
Soft Cactus: Granny’s Tiles – S – Blue
Soft Cactus:  Puzzled Milly – S – Red

The Dallas Vintage Duffel for Mr. D

Yeah! Phew, I made it! Finally – the promised travel bag for Mr. D!

Not that he waited since November for me to finish it. Or start it. Ehem.

I promised him to make a travel bag somewhen last year before christmas, and there were so many projects and things in between, that I just did not start this one. At one point in time, when I finally started, I told him that I started and he was like “Oh. This project really exists? I thought it was a myth!” Just for you to know how looong he has been waiting!

So here it is! Tadaaa!

It’s the Dallas Vintage Duffel by Swoon Sewing Patterns and I had some hard time, as it has some challenging parts!

It’s a bit more wonky then I expected, as it is always a bit of suprise how a bag turns out when you replace the interfacing from the pattern with some interfacing that is available in your area – I cheated for the pictures and stuffed the bag with a blanket. But I do not really mind, as a travel bag is allowed to be a bit wonky, I think. All in all I am quite pleased with the result, especially with the piping! I did never do any piping on a curved piece, and I really hate those side panels sewing to a main body tube, and it took quite a while, but I managed it and it is ok, I think!

Do you spot the little tiny crinkles and winkles beneath the webbing? No? Good!

The bag has two handles and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. This side is the one where I melted the embellishment webbing with the iron and had to cover it with another piece – thankfully you cannot really tell.

New for me was the technique to insert the lining. Swoon lets you assemble the body with the zipper and the lining independently, without any turning gab, and then you put the lining in the main body and attach it by sewing over the first stitching line at the zipper. In that way you don’t have to turn the whole stiff bag and crinkle your material, but you have to be very accurate in your stitching. If you are, the result is a really nice invisible-zipper-like finish, that looks quite professional!

Only the ends of my zipper part are not so accurate.

Don’t look close!

I really like the pattern! The instructions where clear and the pictures (diagrams, no photos) are very precise. It comes in three sizes and I went for the biggest one this time.

And the most important thing: Mr. D likes it. Strike!

Bag of the Month Club 2015 – It’s done

This year I participated in a thing that is called Bag of the Month Club. You sign up to get a surprise bag pattern each month from January to June. Then you’ll sew as much bags as you want and upload them to the flickr group. You can participate on the Facebook page discussions, help each other, stare at the great bags of the others. You can get more info here.

I loved to see all the bags in their different versions. Interesting how different they seem depending on the fabric choice! Also the Facebook group was very encouraging and helpful.

Unfortunately I only managed to sew down two of the bags. I would have liked to sew five of them (I was not too much fan of the February bag) but there were two much different projects that went in between, so I just did not manage to.

I have sewn January, the Companion Carpet Bag by Sewing Patterns with Mrs. H:

It is a framed bag, as Mary Poppins had one. I changed the closure a bit, as the one I ordered has not been delivered. I also made corresponding handles myself (my first try!) and I left out the magnetic snap in the front slip pocket. I am so happy I found the mint coloured zippers in my local sewing store! It matches perfectly the mint of the Mint Condition collection by Camelot Fabrics. Unfortunately the handles are a bit too short for my taste – I really don’t like carrying bags only in the crook of my arm, so I gave it to my mother for the price of the material. She is very happy with it, so I am happy that this bag is used!

And April, the Manhattan Mamma by Emmaline Bags:

The original bag has an additional case for sunglasses in the flap, attached with velcro. But I only have one pair and I carry an hard case for them anyhow, so I did not add it to my version of the bag. The other things I left as in the pattern and did not modify anymore. I am very happy how it turned out and I love the denim like solid fabric paired with the big dots! I will definitely use this.

I loved this club! Although I did not manage to sew as much as I planned, it was a great pleasure and I hope I will sew the some of the others in the second half of the year. I am sure I will sign up next year again!

Tutorial: Cosmetics bag with brush roll

Do you know Deby from If not, open in a new tab. Pin it. Print it out and put it on your to-do-paperwork-stash. Do whatever is needed to not forget to visit this site later! Deby has a great site with a lot of patterns, tutorials and other stuff. Worth a visit!

When I had in mind to create a cosmetics bag with brush roll I was looking for a good pattern as a base and found it on Deby’s site. I constructed my bag and sent her a picture of it.

She immediately responded and asked me to create a tutorial. Challenge accepted! I worked something out and sent it over to her and she published it on her blog. She even made a video about it!

Now, that I recently started my own blog, of course I want to mention it again, so here it is: Hop over to Deby’s site to my tutorial:

or watch her make it:

Cosmetics Bag and Brush Roll