A new home for my little thread spool friends

I used to keep my thread spools in a plastic bag. That is a good idea as long as you have like two or three spools. Of course you buy more and then it isn’t a good idea any longer.

How lovely and nice! Not.

I did not find a good solution ready-to-buy, so I decided to make one. Of course I googled and pinterested but mostly I saw tutorials where the spools are in a rack on the wall. Very decorative. Very dusty after some time. Don’t like! So there was this one tutorial at blog.murmurshop.ch that I liked, that used card box and nails to create a spool box. Mostly because I did not have a ready-to-use card box I headed over to the hardware shop in search of materials to recreate something similar. And I ended up with screws and a plastic box (one of those to keep your food fresh).

Confession time: I am a bad blogger. I forgot to take a before picture of my materials. Now you have to be imaginative and use your fantasy to imagine, how screws and an empty box look like! You can do that!

I used a 2,3 liters (78 oz) Lock&Lock box with measurements of 23,2 x 16,5 x 9,5 cm, as well as 5,0 mm x 6 cm cross slot flat headed screws.

German lesson: This is another good example of a lovely German compound: “cross slot flat headed screw” translates with one single word as “Kreuzschlitzflachkopfschraube”. What a sound!

To create a nice and proper distance between the spools I put my box on my small cutting mat with a grid and estimated a good distance. I then rounded up to the next even number to make life easier. I estimated that 4 centimeters is a good distance!

I printed out a grid on a sheet of paper and taped it centered to the bottom of my box.

Lucky enough I realized that it will sort out and marked the places where I want to put my screws from the back of the paper. I took a Sharpie so ink showed through and I didn’t have to remove the paper for marking again.

And then I just grabbed my hot melt gun and glued the screws onto the bottom of the box. Easy as that! It worked like a charm. I was afraid that they won’t stay straight or something similar, but I am really pleased with the result!

Yes, I will have to buy more screws. Estimation fail in the hardware store. Uh, uh wait: I SCREWED IT UP! Muhahaha.

And now all my little friends are kept straight and clean and dust free in their new home.

No, it’s not 5 Shades of Grey, it’s black, grey, blue, green and bad lighting.


3 thoughts on “A new home for my little thread spool friends

  1. Mary Davis says:

    What a great idea. I have a tall “longerie” chest that will soon have pegboard with dowels in several drawers to contain my thread and bobbins. Other drawers will hold…..I am not sure. In process of redoing my sewing roo. New paint, shelves, curtains, etc.


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