Little Kraken’s Mutterpass

Here in Germany every pregnant woman gets a little booklet in which all important dates of the expecting mother and her baby are recorded. It’s called “Mutterpass”, which is literally translated with “mother’s pass”. tells me, “Mutterpass” is translated with “expectant mother’s record of prenatal and natal care” and this really doesn’t make a good blog entry title! So you have to stand the German title.

Sewing and language learning, yeah!

When one of my best friends got pregnant she asked me to sew a cover for her Mutterpass and as her little one is called “Krake” (another German word for your vocabulary book) I needed to add a little kraken’s touch.

I used the tutorial written by Miss Margerite (again German, but by this time your German should be good enough to understand every word!).

It has a little kraken on the outside that I ordered at Dawanda. It was my first time using an application and I love the little extra cuteness that it provides.

Unfortunately I do not have a Mutterpass available, so you have to imagine that it is slipped in!

In the inside there is a little pocket for her ultra sound pictures.

I hope she likes it!

Fabric used:
Soft Cactus: Granny’s Tiles – S – Blue
Soft Cactus:  Puzzled Milly – S – Red


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