Tutorial: Cosmetics bag with brush roll

Do you know Deby from so-sew-easy.com? If not, open in a new tab. Pin it. Print it out and put it on your to-do-paperwork-stash. Do whatever is needed to not forget to visit this site later! Deby has a great site with a lot of patterns, tutorials and other stuff. Worth a visit!

When I had in mind to create a cosmetics bag with brush roll I was looking for a good pattern as a base and found it on Deby’s site. I constructed my bag and sent her a picture of it.

She immediately responded and asked me to create a tutorial. Challenge accepted! I worked something out and sent it over to her and she published it on her blog. She even made a video about it!

Now, that I recently started my own blog, of course I want to mention it again, so here it is: Hop over to Deby’s site to my tutorial:

or watch her make it:

Cosmetics Bag and Brush Roll


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Cosmetics bag with brush roll

  1. Deby Coles says:

    This was such an awesome bag I just HAD to have you tell us all how to make it Anke! Thanks so much for working with me on this, and good luck with your new site. You’ve got great sewing skills so I know its going to be interesting here.


    • Anke says:

      Thanks Deby for your warm words! It was a pleasure working this out with you and I am excited what this site will be in future.


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